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Farm Girl

Olive & Co Tablescapes London Farm Girl Collaboration

Farm Girl, a diverse group of health-focused cafes & restaurants in London, serves holistic, fresh food and Australian style coffee. With cool interiors, sensational service and Instagram worthy dishes, it’s a firm favourite of ours!

Since 2015, Farm Girl has grown to become one of the most unique and recognisable hospitality brands in London. 

Our wonderful Easter collaboration came about after working with co-founder Rose Mann earlier in the year, at their Portobello site, and creating beautiful content featured on Country & Town House and Collagerie. 

With food deliveries soaring in lockdown, it seemed a natural transition to include beautiful table accessories curated by Olive & Co, in conjunction with Farm Girl’s delicious Chocolate & Clementine Pancakes!


Olive & Co Farm Girl Collaboration

The seasonal brunch boxes include: the all essential pancake mix; Rude Health oat milk; Doisy and Dom chocolate eggs (to sit nestled in mini Easter baskets); Lilium cupcakes; treats from Truffle Corner; and glitter bunny crackers!

No collaboration is complete without Bable in the mix who painted the most exquisite floral candles exclusively for Farm Girl X Olive & Co. Unsurprisingly, Bianca’s candles received such an incredible response that we have included a limited drop available to buy through our shop

With the dreamy Milly Jean illustrating our ‘How to’, and providing enchanting graphics that encapsulate all things spring, we couldn’t be happier with how she captured our vision. 

Enjoyed by Portia Freeman, Rosie Fortescue, Millie Macintosh and Charli Howard to name but a few! 

Follow Farm Girl for more exciting content, both on the grid and on your plate! 



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